Commercial Festoon Lighting

Festoon Lighting at Westfield Miranda

Festoon Lighting at Westfield Miranda

Tokistar’s Exhibitor System is a wet location commercial festoon lighting system designed for use in shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, bars, street decorations, promenades and amusement parks.

The system is widely used in Australia, with projects including:

This LED festoon lighting is available with a wide selection options that allow the product to be used to suit a variety of themes, settings and ambient light levels.

Product Details

Tokistar’s Exhibitor Series is an architectural quality LED festoon lighting system available in a variety of configurations.

The basic festoon system consists of sockets permanently sealed to a flexible cable. Black or white cable is available.

The EXC Series houses Exhibitor within a 2″ x 2″ satin aluminum profile for use in all environments, and fixtures can be wired for single circuit or chasing effects. Custom finishes also available.

This Exhibitor Lighting System series is suitable for outdoor festoon lighting. All components have a wet-location use rating, with each globe including two o-rings that provide a secure and weatherproof seal to the socket.

Tokistar Festoon Lighting

Tokistar Festoon Lighting EXC Series

Socket spacing choices

The Exhibitor festoon lighting system is available at default spacings of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm and 600mm. Custom spacing is also available.

Line of sight and viewing perspective should be considered when deciding on socket spacing. More distant spacings (450mm-600mm) are the best choice for most festoon applications, while closer spacings (150mm-300mm) are appropriate for applications at closer viewing range.

Light Sources

0.48 Watt LEDs
Tokistar LEDs are manufactured in a range of colours and have a long life rating that is ideal for continuous operation in commercial applications. The 0.48 watts LEDs provide a softer lighting effect and is an energy-efficient choice that can span much greater distances from a single feed point.

Tokistar Festoon Energy Efficient LED Colors

Virtual Incandescent and Ultra Bright LEDs
Rated at 1.8 watts, Tokistar’s Virtual Incandescent™ LEDs provide a distinct point of light to closely emulate traditional incandescent filaments, while the Ultra Bright LEDs provide a brighter light source.

Tokistar Festoon Lighting Virtual Incandescent and Ultra-Bright LEDS

Xenon lamps are also available. 

Globe Selection

Globes are available in three distinct shapes:

Tokistar Festoon Globe Sizes

All globes are available in clear and frosted. Clear globes provide excellent clarity emphasizing distinct points of light, while frosted globes provide a softer diffused light.

The G-19 globe is also available in a range of vibrant transparent colours:

Tokistar Festoon Lighting G-19 Globe Colours

More information

Full technical documentation, including IES files and Installation Instructions, is available for the Exhibitor Festoon Lighting System on the Tokistar Website.

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